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Ultimate Steak Blend GIVEAWAY!!

7 Nov

Last weekend, Alex and I went on a little Philadelphia food tour. We ate pizzas, cheese steaks, Chinese food and so much more. While I still have to compile a recap post of our Philly excursion, I couldn’t wait to announce this new giveaway! Chew Me Blog is so excited to work in conjunction with the Kitchen Stories Etsy shop to give away a very special collection of spices. All of the spice and tea blends available through Kitchen Stories Etsy shop are wild grown and do not contain preservatives or other non-natural ingredients.

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A different kind of slaw

24 Mar

I love coleslaw! It makes the perfect side dish because its easy to put together from staple pantry items. But the same old mayo based slaw can get boring.  And, let’s face it, it’s not exactly the healthiest thing in the world.  So I have been experimenting with different ways to make the American classic.

I’m not sure what defines the traditional coleslaw.  Is it the cabbage? The mayo? Well, if that’s the case then this slaw breaks kind of breaks the rules.

Brussel Sprout Slaw

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Craving a holiday meal

13 Dec

For Alex and I, coming back from vacation was tough.  We both basically used all of our paid time off from work for this little break, so we had to get right back into the swing of things when we returned.  That meant going to work the very next day.  And the day after that.  And the day after that. Working wasn’t the tough part though, I was actually glad to kind of get back into my emails and catch up on everything I had missed. Staying awake was the biggest struggle.  Since Thailand is 12 hours ahead of us in time, it meant that we were on a completely different sleep schedule than everyone around us.  I would start to get very sleepy at like 3 p.m. and have to force myself to stay awake before finally conceding for a nap at 7 p.m. It was just awful.

But the toughest part about coming back from Thailand in late November was missing out on Thanksgiving dinner!  I was really craving some of the great comfort foods.  So, I decided to make ourselves a little holiday meal since we missed out on real Thanksgiving this year.

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Corn Salad

17 Sep

Anyone that knows anything about Alex and I knows that we are carnivores.  Ribs and steaks are our ultimate favorites.  I mean, is there anything better than a nicely marbled rib-eye pan seared with compound butter?  I think not.  But great meats must be paired with a great side and this corn salad will not fall short of your expectations. We love this salad because it’s not the usual lettuce/cheese/crouton combo, which can get old fast. This salad is light, crunchy and full of diverse flavors.  It’s best to make this in the summer time when corn is fresh and delicious, but canned corn can also be substituted if you want to make this in the winter months.

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