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Doughsant vs. Paczki: Revenge of the specialty doughnuts

10 Apr

Much like everything else in our society, the typical breakfast doughnut has evolved from its humble glazed beginnings to something much more decadent.   Sure you can still get a plain or sugar-coated cake but be aware that others might look upon you with disdain for selecting something so ordinary when there are so many extraordinary varieties to choose from.

What are some of the interesting flavors out there?

Taro (Hawaii)

Purple Goat: lavender glazed and filled with berry goat cheese (South Carolina)

Chorizo Cheddar (Los Angeles)

Voodoo Bubblegum: Glazed topped with bubble gum dust and an actual piece of gum (Oregon)

Lemon Sichuan: Lemon curd-filled topped with Sichuan spice (San Francisco)


The specialty doughnut also included different types of doughnuts as well.  For example, the Cronut is croissant-doughnut hybrid invented by Dominique Bakery in New York City.  It’s made by layering croissant dough, cutting it into a shape of a doughnut and frying it.

This past weekend, Alex and I ventured out to Oakmont Bakery for some breakfast.  We wanted to try their version of the Cronut, they call it the Doughsant, to see what all the hype was about.  While we were looking through the rows of doughnut varieties, we just could not pass up the opportunity to have a Maple Bacon Paczki.  For those unfamiliar with a Paczki, it’s the Polish version of a doughnut.  Deep-fried pieces of dough shaped into flatten spheres and traditionally filled with rose hip jelly and covered with powdered sugar.

So now the big question is which specialty doughnut reigns supreme?  Is it a regular glazed specialty dough type like the Cronut. Or is a more traditional dough with unique flavors and toppings.

Here is my verdict:

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A night out at Nola

4 Oct

Steve and Francee are our new eating buddies.  Aside from the fact that they are super fun to hang out with, they are also probably the only two people we know that love trying new restaurants as much as we do.  Actually, they’ve probably tried more restaurants in Pittsburgh than us!  So we decided to create this new monthly tradition of going out for dinner and drinks together.  In August they took us to Industry Public House followed by Tender Bar for drinks.  And as you all know, we loved it.  So there was definitely some pressure when it was our turn to pick the place.  After some deliberation, I finally decided on Nola On The Square.  At first we were a little hesitant about picking a restaurant in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh because we weren’t sure what the night scene would be like.  But we were pleasantly surprised by how lively “The Square” was on a Friday evening.  (We think that the crowd was partially due to that giant rubber duck).

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A night out at Industry Public House and Tender

15 Aug

I know, I know…We have been really bad about keeping this blog updated. But the reasoning is actually two-fold: 1) I have been sick for like 3 consecutive weeks (so annoying) and 2) We have sort of been on a health kick. Healthy eating doesn’t exactly scream excitement. Unless you find blog posts about 14 different salad variations interesting.

Last night we finally broke down and reverted back to our gluttonous unhealthy selves and indulged in a night out with Alex’s brother and his wife, Steve and Francee.

We decided to go to Industry Public House (IPH) in Lawrenceville. Established in 2012, IPH is a hip restaurant with a very intriguing menu. Their cuisine is best described as modern American comfort food (with menu items such as build to order nachos, Gruyère Mac and Cheese, and burgers with wild boar bacon). They also have a long list of artisanal cocktails and craft beers, which is both awesome and dangerous at the same time. Continue reading

Anniversary dinner at Girasole’s

7 Jul

This past weekend, Alex and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary (yay!) by dining at Girasole in Pittsburgh’s Shadyside.  We have been dying to try this place for years.

We arrived at the restaurant about a half an hour before our reservation time and we were greeted by the owner of the restaurant, who seated us immediately upon walking through the door. We opted to sit outside to enjoy the cool evening and also because it seemed a bit crowded indoors. Within a couple of minutes, our waitress served us warm bread with butter and took our drink order.  Chardonnay for me.  Peroni for Alex.

Ordering the food was not as easy.  Alex and I always have trouble deciding what to get.  We deliberated over the menu for so long we actually went through three baskets of bread before finally settling on what to order.

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In Review: Noodlehead, Shadyside

4 Apr

Dear Chew Me Blog followers, I have to apologize for not posting sooner. This week has just been absolutely crazy busy with Easter and all. But I am breaking the hiatus with a special Chew Me Blog first, the beginning of In Review segments.  These posts will highlight a restaurant that Alex and I visit, and we will give our review of the dishes we tried.  Alex and I love trying new restaurants so I figured doing restaurant reviews would be very fitting for us.

The first restaurant In Review is, ironically, a Thai establishment.  I debated over whether or not this was the best way to start off this segment for two reasons.  1) I have very strong affinity towards The Green Mango, obviously, so felt that I might have a slight bias with other Thai restaurants.  Which would not be fair.  2) If I announce that I like another woman’s Thai cooking, my mom might resent me.  Which is not ideal. But I decided to put aside my personal feelings and face my fears to take on this challenge.  I believe that doing this review is a testament to my professionalism and dedication to my blog. So this is for you folks!

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