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Food touring with baby Pete

29 Nov

We’ve taken a long break from the blog this year, mostly due to the laziness that I acquired while being pregnant. But now that we are over the newborn hump we wanted to start the blog back up by introducing the newest member of our family, Pete.

In true foodie fashion, we have been lugging our infant son along on all of our food travels and exposing him to the sights and smells (not yet tastes) of various cuisines. Let’s see where Pete has been in his first 3 months.

Pete goes to…

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Cleveland road trip

6 May

Alex and I have been meaning to take a road trip to Cleveland for quite some time now. The drive from Pittsburgh is only two hours and we’ve heard great things about the food scene up there. I’m also mildly obsessed with Michael Symon and have been dying to dine at one of his restaurants (specifically B Spot).

So, we decided to drive up to Cleveland the weekend after Easter with Alex’s brother and his wife. We hit the road right after work on Friday with plans to drive straight to the B Spot for dinner. As a growing pregnant woman, I didn’t think I would be able to hold off on eating dinner for so long but I guess the thought of eating at the B Spot gave me strength to endure the hunger pains.

We finally arrived at the restaurant around 8pm only to find that there was a two hour wait for a table! After some deliberation, we decided to go elsewhere for a burger [insert sad face/crying emoji here].

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Recap of our DC trip

11 Jan

I know it has been about a month since my last post but what a busy month it’s been! With Christmas, New Year’s, Alex’s birthday, and the birth of our friends’ first child I just haven’t found the time to sit down and write. But the new year brings new beginnings and I hope to bring a lot of exciting stuff to the blog this year.

To start off the new year, here is the much anticipated recap of our holiday DC trip! Continue reading

Philly recap (finally)

18 Nov

Alex and I drive through Philadelphia every year on our annual trip to the Jersey Shore.  But aside from the quick pit stop for a late night cheesesteak or Chinese food,  it had been ages since I had actually walked the streets and truly experienced all there is to do in Philly.  When we told all our family and friends of our upcoming weekend excursion, we were surprised by the number of food/bar suggestions that we received.  There was so much to do, so much to see, so much to eat!

Here is a recap of what we were chewing on (please note that not all food items are pictured, to view all of the pictures please visit our twitter page):


When we arrived in Philly late Thursday evening, we checked into our hotel and immediately hit the town.  We first stopped at Jon’s Bar and Grille for a couple of IPAs (Alex’s new favorite style of beer) and then went to Lorenzo & Sons for a giant pizza slice! Ok so this isn’t the best picture of Alex, but the shining star here is definitely the pizza. Continue reading

I’d like my pizza hot, please

30 Oct

What is the deal with the cold cheese on pizza? I mean, seriously?!

If you guys follow the twitter page at all, you know that Alex and I were a bit indulgent last weekend. We ate Chicago-style beef sandwiches, waffles, Chinese food and tacos. Most importantly, we ate PIZZA! If there is one thing I could eat everyday it would be a New York style slice with pepperoni and banana peppers. My favorite slice in the ‘burgh? Definitely at Pizza Sola.

We ventured down to the Southside on Saturday night looking forward to a fun night of drinking and eating. After a few beers and some snacks (aka an entire Primanti’s sandwich with a fried egg), we thought it would be a great idea to end our night at Pizza Sola. Yum! It’s been so long since we’ve eaten there that I almost forgot how good it was. The slices there are pricey but it is soooo worth it.

Exhibit A: Pizza Sola


Then, instead of ending the night on a good note we decided to also go to Beto’s on Banksville. I had never been to Beto’s but I have heard rave reviews about this place. People seem to love the concept of having cold cheese on their pizza. Although I wasn’t completely keen on the idea, I wanted to try it anyway. We ordered two slices to go.

So this is how it’s done: First, they bake a large square pizza with just sauce. They take the pizza out of the oven and cut it into individual square slices. Then they put the pizza slices in a takeout box, quickly throw on a pile of shredded cheese (and other desired toppings), and close the box. That’s it.

I was eager to dig into my pizza with mushrooms when we arrived home but when I opened the box and saw the heaping pile of cold cheese I was immediately turned off. Not only was the cheese not melted at all but they used CANNED mushrooms! I couldn’t believe that a place of such popularity didn’t use fresh ingredients.

Anyway, I can’t say that I gave Beto’s a fair chance because I really couldn’t bring myself to eat it as is. I ended up putting it in the oven for about 15 to let the cheese get nice and bubbly. And even then I didn’t care for it. Next time I’d like my pizza hot, please!

Exhibit B: Beto’s Pizza

(Foodspotting Image)

Going solo in PHX

19 Oct

Traveling without Alex is boring on so many levels. Of course I miss having a companion to talk to, but I mostly miss having someone to share great food with.  Alex and I love to drive around scoping out the best restaurants, sometimes trying up to 4-5 places in a day! And we always order a small smorgasbord of food for sharing so we can each taste a variety of different dishes. So when I had to travel to Phoenix all by myself last week for work, I definitely felt a little void in my…stomach.  Going to a different city and only eating 3 square meals, ordering just one entree per meal, is no fun.  Here is a recap of my eating adventures:


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Beer and cheese pairing event

20 Sep

This past Wednesday, Alex and I were invited to attend a beer and cheese pairing event at the Market District Robinson. We had such a fun time tasting and learning about cheese!


Our cheese lesson was led by Gianfranco, cheese specialist and category manager at Giant Eagle. He shared stories about his world travels while shopping for new cheeses to bring into their stores. The man definitely knows his stuff! Alex and I are currently devising a strategy to get invited to his next cheese party. 20130919-225509.jpg

There are so many different kinds of cheese out there and sometimes it’s difficult to choose which ones to try. It’s even harder to try to pair different cheeses, nuts and fruits that compliment each other. Well luckily, we got to take home one of these cheese flight platters. Our “France” flight included three different cheeses that varied in texture and sharpness, accompanied with dried fruits. Continue reading

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