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Thai Grilled Chicken Wings

19 May

A common question people have been asking me during my pregnancy is whether or not I’ve been getting any weird cravings, and the answer is no.  I haven’t really felt the urge to eat anything super strange like pickles and ice cream (although there was one day where I ate 5 pickles followed by a chocolate chip cookie for lunch).  My cravings have been more reasonable like tomatoes, avocadoes and olive tapenade.   The only thing is, when I do get a craving for something I have to eat it ASAP and in large quantities.  For example, I went through an entire week where I ate guacamole almost every day….sometimes twice a day.  One of my more recent cravings has been for my dad’s grilled chicken wings.

My dad makes awesome grilled chicken wings.  He spent much of my childhood perfecting this recipe, which means we had grilled chicken wings ALL the time.  Birthdays, Easter, Christmas….if there was a special occasion or a gathering of people, there were chicken wings.  So when I got this craving I texted my dad for the recipe.  He ended up not getting back to me until the next day and, as I mentioned earlier, when I crave something I need to have it immediately.  So I tried to recreate his wings without any of his guidance and they actually turned out pretty darn good.  Here is MY version of my dad’s delicious “Thai-style” grilled chicken wings.

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Crispy oven “fried” chicken wings

2 Feb

Alex and I decided to throw a Super Bowl party for ourselves this year. What does that mean? Basically, we are going to cook a bunch of party food and eat it ourselves. It’s really the best kind of party. There is no need to dress up or put on makeup. We know exactly what we want to eat, how much to cook and we don’t have to worry about someone taking the last chicken wing which we secretly wanted for ourselves.

So what’s first on our menu tonight? Crispy oven “fried” chicken wings. We are HUGE fans of extra crispy deep-fried chicken wings and it’s seldom that I enjoy eating a baked chicken wing. But the fact is, deep frying at home can be messy. So a couple of years ago, I spent quite some time researching the best way to bake a crispy chicken wing and I finally came up with a fool proof method that requires zero oil! I know there are probably a lot of skeptics out there but I promise you these wings will not disappoint. (Alex is a picky wing eater and he loves them – or at least that’s what he tells me).

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Road trip food

20 Jul

It’s that time of year again. The end of July is when we always have the annual Lipecky Family Beach Vacation at Ocean City, New Jersey. This is one of our favorite little getaways because we get to spend some quality time with the fam, while also grubbing on some awesome boardwalk food (and working on our tans).

In preparation for our long drive to the Jersey shore this year, I decided to make some road trip snacks.

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Buying locally grown produce

12 Oct

Purchasing local food is becoming wildly popular these days. It has actually become like a fashion statement to be able to say “oh yeah, I’m a locavore”. But buying local products should not be just another faddy trend. People need to really understand the benefits of buying local products and make a lifestyle change for the better. I, personally, have a strong affinity for this cause. Buying locally grown products not only shows support for small businesses and farmers but it is also healthier.

A lot of the produce offered at major grocery stores travel hundreds of miles before it reaches your hometown. That means that the produce is being picked and packaged days, even weeks, before you purchase it. 20121012-153304.jpgAnd while that produce is just sitting around, it actually loses some of its nutritional value. Vitamins and nutrients start to deteriorate from produce as soon as it’s picked from the ground. So you, the consumer, are not getting the most out of your fruits and vegetables when you buy imported goods. Locally grown produce has a higher yield of vitamins (such as C, E, A and thiamine) and is rich in phytonutrients, which help protect against certain cancers and heart disease.

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