In Review: Noodlehead, Shadyside

4 Apr

Dear Chew Me Blog followers, I have to apologize for not posting sooner. This week has just been absolutely crazy busy with Easter and all. But I am breaking the hiatus with a special Chew Me Blog first, the beginning of In Review segments.  These posts will highlight a restaurant that Alex and I visit, and we will give our review of the dishes we tried.  Alex and I love trying new restaurants so I figured doing restaurant reviews would be very fitting for us.

The first restaurant In Review is, ironically, a Thai establishment.  I debated over whether or not this was the best way to start off this segment for two reasons.  1) I have very strong affinity towards The Green Mango, obviously, so felt that I might have a slight bias with other Thai restaurants.  Which would not be fair.  2) If I announce that I like another woman’s Thai cooking, my mom might resent me.  Which is not ideal. But I decided to put aside my personal feelings and face my fears to take on this challenge.  I believe that doing this review is a testament to my professionalism and dedication to my blog. So this is for you folks!

On Thursday night, Alex and I decided to treat ourselves to a night out.  We have been itching to try this Thai “street food” restaurant called Noodlehead in Shadyside. We checked them out on Urbanspoon and the place had awesome reviews.  Plus it was BYOB for 50 cents a person.  So we packed our little thermal bag with India Pale Ale cans and headed down to my old neighborhood.

The parking around the restaurant is not the best.  You are limited to street parking so we had to park a couple of blocks away.  This is not a problem for us because we like to walk, but it is something that future prospective patrons should be away of.  The interior of the restaurant was very “hip”.  The walls were adorned with rustic wood panels and seating consisted of picnic style tables and small round tables with short stools.

Here is what we ordered.


These Pork Belly Steamed Buns were listed under the “snacks” section of the menu, and they were absolutely delicious. The steamed buns were warm and fluffy, which paired perfectly with the salty pork belly and crispy cucumber relish.  It was quite a good start to the meal.


Next we ordered the Sweet & Spicy Pork Wings “snacks”. These were little marinated pork ribs deep-fried to a delightful crispy treat. Even though these pork wings were pretty good, we both felt that the portion left much to be desired.  For $6 a dish, there should definitely be more than 3 little ribs.


For my main dish, I ordered the Sukothai noodles, spicy level 5 (which was the max). This noodle soup had ground pork, peanuts, green beans and fried wonton strips. The combination of pork and nuts reminded me a lot of something that I would have in Thailand. The soup broth was robust and spicy. It was a little on the sweet side, but I didn’t mind it.


Alex got the Street Noodle #1 heat level 5, which was rice noodles with veggies topped with fried chicken. He really liked his dish. The noodles basically tasted like a glorified Pad Thai (which is one of his favorite dishes). But, according to Alex, the fried chicken was definitely the highlight of the dish.

Overall, we had a fun night at the Noodlehead. The menu is kind of limited, but the food is good. We were a little disappointed in some of the portions, but Alex and I are big eaters so it is hard to satisfy us. (After we left, we ordered a large pizza to take home with us for some late night snacking).

Average Rating: 3.5/5

Noodlehead on Urbanspoon


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