Wrapping up our trip

6 Dec

So, yes, I know I was a complete failure at updating my blog during our trip to Thailand even though I promised that I would.  I blame this on two things: 1) Having just way too much fun 2) Crappy Wi-fi that only allowed us to have one device connected at a time. With Alex’s incessant need to check for updates on his fantasy football players, I basically went internet free for 10 days. But it really is more the former than the latter. Our days were so jam-packed with sightseeing, eating and drinking that by the time we got back to the hotel at the end of the night, we just passed out.  Literally, I would hit the bed and fall instantly asleep.

Here are some highlights from our trip:


My uncle took us to a wonderful Korean BBQ restaurant that was above the local meat market. We were served trays of thinly sliced pork and beef to cook to our own tastes.  There was also a buffet of dipping sauces available that varied from salty to sweet to spicy. We enjoyed our table side grilling with some Singha beer, a popular lager that is brewed right in Bangkok.


Pork fried with garlic.  This was the best late night snack.  Dip with a little spicy ketchup, YUM!


The Chao Phraya River is the main river that flows through Bangkok. We took this boat taxi to travel in between different temples because it was the fastest way to get from one place to the other.  This river is also loaded with catfish that you can feed but you better watch out because they will definitely splash you if you get too close!


The Grand Palace in Bangkok was built in 1782 and served as the primary residence for the Thai King for 150 years. Although the current King, Rama IX, no longer resides at this particular location, the site is still held in high reverence for most Thai citizens.  This image is of the Royal Reception Halls which was used for important ceremonial events like royal coronations.


The streets of Bangkok are often packed with vendors and tourists.  The vendors sell everything from fresh squeezed orange juice to sundresses.  Alex was amazed at how much the Thais love to shop (although he really shouldn’t have been all that surprised given that we do share a credit card).


I don’t really have an interesting caption for this photo, I just thought that it was a really beautiful and serene scene.  This is a picture of some green plants (no clue what they are, but someone did tell me it was edible) that were growing in the river. I guess it is interesting that my uncle decided to take our boat straight through this field of plants, killing everything in our path.  The mishap was unfortunate but it did lend itself to a great photo-op.


Finally, how could you have a vacation to Asia with a group of 10+ Asians without going to a Karaoke bar? The answer is…YOU CAN’T! In Thailand, we take our Karaoke seriously.  Here we rented our own private room at “Karaoke City”, which is a riverside restaurant that has 75 private rooms for groups to rent out for a night of singing and eating.  You will notice that our room had a long leather sectional, leather ottomans, 3 flat screen T.V.s for easy reading, and 3 dinner tables in the back.  Thankfully, there were also thick double-paned glass doors to insulate our ear-piercing rendition of the final countdown.


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