An ode to summer…

14 Sep

I first had the idea to start a food blog at the beginning of summer when my husband and I went on, what we called, a “food tour”. The idea behind the food tour was to visit as many restaurants as we could in one day without feeling like complete overeaters (if that is even possible).  The rules were simple: we had to walk to every restaurant we wanted to try, and we were only allowed to order one dish at each restaurant.  We figured this would help maximize the number of overall dishes consumed throughout the entire day. 

We parked our car in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh around 10 am and we spent the entire day walking and eating.  Our day started off with an amazing Liege waffle at this little joint called “Waffallonia”. The place is small, and can be kinda hot in the summer, but the waffle was one of the best I’ve ever had. We walked at least four miles that day, and our eight-hour food tour finally ended at Pittsburgh’s classic pizza place, “Mineos”.  Check out our Pittsburgh Food Tour pictures, coming soon!

Now, five months later…VOILA! I am finally putting up my first post! Better late than never, I say. As an ode to summer, I would like to spend the next few posts sharing some of my very favorite summer recipes.




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