Thai Chicken Rice (Kao Mun Gai)

21 Jan

Kao Mun Gai is a common dish found all over Bangkok and Chaing Mai. In my opinion, it’s much more popular among native Thais than the “classic” Pad Thai, which mostly appeals to foreign tourists. Kao Mun Gai is most commonly served as street food, rice and chicken wrapped up in white paper tied with a rubber band and a plastic container of sauce on the side . It is also served with a hot bowl of mild chicken broth, used to balance out the spicy ginger sauce. It’s no frills deliciousness.  The recipe may look a little overwhelming because of the layers of steps, but it is really quite simple if you have the time (it takes about 2 hours to make).

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Food touring with baby Pete

29 Nov

We’ve taken a long break from the blog this year, mostly due to the laziness that I acquired while being pregnant. But now that we are over the newborn hump we wanted to start the blog back up by introducing the newest member of our family, Pete.

In true foodie fashion, we have been lugging our infant son along on all of our food travels and exposing him to the sights and smells (not yet tastes) of various cuisines. Let’s see where Pete has been in his first 3 months.

Pete goes to…

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Easy No-Knead Artisan Bread

11 Jul

I’ve always been terrified of making bread. Well, actually, I’ve been terrified of making anything that requires yeast. The whole rising process is very intimidating to me. I guess I am afraid of investing so much time into something and then have it fail. But last week I decided to overcome my fears and give breadmaking a whirl. And you know what? Aside from the bread being a little salty (I was a little heavy-handed on the salt but have adjusted the recipe below accordingly), I was really impressed with how well my bread turned out and I am looking forward to making it again!

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Beginners at smoking meat

7 Jul

Over the holiday weekend, Alex and I FINALLY broke out the Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker that his mother bought us for Christmas. We were a bit intimidated by it at first. Smokers and smoking meat is a real science that takes people years to perfect, and we were definitely amateurs. It took a little convincing to get Alex to agree to bring it out over the holiday weekend since he thought that the whole process would be overly complicated, but he reluctantly agreed. So we woke up all bright eyed and bushy tailed Friday morning to play with our new toy. The smoker itself was pretty easy to assemble. The smoking process, however, was not as easy. People have told us that you can just throw a piece of meat in there, walk away and come back several hours later to a nicely cooked finished product. We found that to not be the case. It may have been due to our lack of knowledge on the matter, but we found ourselves babysitting the smoker all day to make sure that the temperature stayed within the proper heat range. We were continually heating up more coals and feeding it to the smoker. All in all, we had a great time learning about this new cooking method. Here is a recap of our day:

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Thai Grilled Chicken Wings

19 May

A common question people have been asking me during my pregnancy is whether or not I’ve been getting any weird cravings, and the answer is no.  I haven’t really felt the urge to eat anything super strange like pickles and ice cream (although there was one day where I ate 5 pickles followed by a chocolate chip cookie for lunch).  My cravings have been more reasonable like tomatoes, avocadoes and olive tapenade.   The only thing is, when I do get a craving for something I have to eat it ASAP and in large quantities.  For example, I went through an entire week where I ate guacamole almost every day….sometimes twice a day.  One of my more recent cravings has been for my dad’s grilled chicken wings.

My dad makes awesome grilled chicken wings.  He spent much of my childhood perfecting this recipe, which means we had grilled chicken wings ALL the time.  Birthdays, Easter, Christmas….if there was a special occasion or a gathering of people, there were chicken wings.  So when I got this craving I texted my dad for the recipe.  He ended up not getting back to me until the next day and, as I mentioned earlier, when I crave something I need to have it immediately.  So I tried to recreate his wings without any of his guidance and they actually turned out pretty darn good.  Here is MY version of my dad’s delicious “Thai-style” grilled chicken wings.

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Cleveland road trip

6 May

Alex and I have been meaning to take a road trip to Cleveland for quite some time now. The drive from Pittsburgh is only two hours and we’ve heard great things about the food scene up there. I’m also mildly obsessed with Michael Symon and have been dying to dine at one of his restaurants (specifically B Spot).

So, we decided to drive up to Cleveland the weekend after Easter with Alex’s brother and his wife. We hit the road right after work on Friday with plans to drive straight to the B Spot for dinner. As a growing pregnant woman, I didn’t think I would be able to hold off on eating dinner for so long but I guess the thought of eating at the B Spot gave me strength to endure the hunger pains.

We finally arrived at the restaurant around 8pm only to find that there was a two hour wait for a table! After some deliberation, we decided to go elsewhere for a burger [insert sad face/crying emoji here].

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Doughsant vs. Paczki: Revenge of the specialty doughnuts

10 Apr

Much like everything else in our society, the typical breakfast doughnut has evolved from its humble glazed beginnings to something much more decadent.   Sure you can still get a plain or sugar-coated cake but be aware that others might look upon you with disdain for selecting something so ordinary when there are so many extraordinary varieties to choose from.

What are some of the interesting flavors out there?

Taro (Hawaii)

Purple Goat: lavender glazed and filled with berry goat cheese (South Carolina)

Chorizo Cheddar (Los Angeles)

Voodoo Bubblegum: Glazed topped with bubble gum dust and an actual piece of gum (Oregon)

Lemon Sichuan: Lemon curd-filled topped with Sichuan spice (San Francisco)


The specialty doughnut also included different types of doughnuts as well.  For example, the Cronut is croissant-doughnut hybrid invented by Dominique Bakery in New York City.  It’s made by layering croissant dough, cutting it into a shape of a doughnut and frying it.

This past weekend, Alex and I ventured out to Oakmont Bakery for some breakfast.  We wanted to try their version of the Cronut, they call it the Doughsant, to see what all the hype was about.  While we were looking through the rows of doughnut varieties, we just could not pass up the opportunity to have a Maple Bacon Paczki.  For those unfamiliar with a Paczki, it’s the Polish version of a doughnut.  Deep-fried pieces of dough shaped into flatten spheres and traditionally filled with rose hip jelly and covered with powdered sugar.

So now the big question is which specialty doughnut reigns supreme?  Is it a regular glazed specialty dough type like the Cronut. Or is a more traditional dough with unique flavors and toppings.

Here is my verdict:

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